Topaz Dancentre

A gem of a dance school!


Our classes in Ballet start from 2 ½ to 3 years of age, these classes are fun based, designed to stimulate the children’s imagination, and prepare them for the basic requirements of ballet in an enjoyable atmosphere.  Teddy Bears accompany the children to class.  As the children progress, they gradually learn more seriously the technique of ballet, but the emphasis is on gradual.  We do not push the children too quickly, as we want their dancing experience to remain a positive one.  By the time the children are 7 or 8 however, they are taking IDTA grade examinations, however, we always explore the syllabus to it’s full capacity and take time to let the children enjoy what they are doing, without just rushing on to the next thing.  Please note, this is not to say that the children are held back for long periods of time.  We aim for them to reach Intermediate level, which is a professional exam (if they want to take it that far) by the time they are around 18.



A lot of young children really enjoy Tap Dancing, although concentrating on the rhythms for a long period of time is quite challenging for younger children.  For this reason, we combine our tap classes with Ballet, so the children get a taste of both.  If when they are older, they decide to keep it up, they can continue in separate classes, and go further, exploring faster and more complex rhythms.



Until very recently, these were separate classes at Topaz.  For various reasons, one of them being that the two styles can be closely linked, the class is now combined.  Modern jazz is a contemporary style of dance, influenced by the likes of Martha Graham & Isadora Duncan, it requires strength, flexibility, stamina & imagination.  Theatrecraft is the style of dance you would see in a Musical on the stage such as Hairspray, Grease, Annie, Oliver, etc..  It involves turns & kicks and characterisation of movement.



This is a class designed for pupils who already study a dance form of some description, but would enjoy putting on more performances rather than just taking exams & medals with the occasional show.  The children in these classes are not really taught to dance as such (they should attend one of the other classes for this), but they do put together group dance performances, mixed with Musical Theatre in various styles.  It is a popular class, and we hold them most evenings, different age groups attend on different nights.  Please see timetable and contact us for further information.


Mini Movers

A fun class, aimed at children aged 18 months & their parents or carers.  The children will dance to familiar tunes, explore their senses, develop self confidence & co-ordination and makenew friends.  Adults & children will improve their fitness!


Demi Pointe/Pointe Class

Anyone studying Ballet is welcome to attend Demi Pointe Class.  When you will be put on pointe is at the discretion of your teacher.  It is a selfish teacher who puts their students on pointe just because they think they will go elsewhere if they don’t.  We only let our students buy their pointe shoes, when we feel they are strong enough to cope.  For all students grade 2& above hoping to someday dance  on their toes, it is strongly advised that they attend this class asap, as they will find it so much easier to find their ‘pointe’ when they need to.

Street Dance

Our Street dance classes are for children, we have various age groups, and a boys only class.  Dance like they do in the Music Videos

Adult Jazz

This class covers many differnt  styles ranging from songs from the hit musical Chicago, to 70’s mega mixes.  We have an existing class of ladies with some experience, and are starting a brand new class for adult beginners too.  If this is a class you have always fancied trying, now is the time to do it.  Age range 20 to 50 at the moment, this is not fixed and if you are younger or older then do feel free to come along, just to give you an idea of who is enjoying the class at the moment.  The emphasis on this class is fun!!


Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing classes for Adults & Children.  Learn to Waltz, Quickstep, Tango & Foxtrot.


Latin American Dancing Classes for Adults Learn to Jive, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Samba.