Topaz Dancentre

A gem of a dance school!

Children's Timetable


8.40-9.25am   Preparatory Ballet & Tap age 5yrs ( places available book now!)

8.40-9.25am    Preparatory Ballet & Tap age 5yrs(Currently Full, waiting list in operation)

9.30-10.15am  Tinies Ballet Class (age 3+)

9.25-10.10am  Grade 1  Ballet & Tap age 8-9yrs 

9.25-10.10am   Grade 2 Ballet & Tap age 10-12yrs 

10.15-11am        Grade 3 Ballet

10.15-11am        Diddy street for boys & girls age 5-8yrs 

10.15-11am        Grade 5 Tap Dance

11-11.45am         Junior Street Dance age (9-12yrs)

11-11.45am         Grade 2 Tap

11-11.45am         Grade 4 Ballet 

11.45am -12.30      Senior Street age 13+

11.45am -12.30     Junior Lyrical age 7-12yrs

11.45am -12.30    Grade 3 Tap

12.30-1.15pm     Junior Modern age 10 +

12.30-1.15pm      Latin & Showdance 8 years +

12.30-1.15pm     Intermediate Ballet

1.15-2.00pm       Boys Street Dance /Hip Hop 8 years+

1.15-2.00pm      Advanced 1 Tap



10.00-10.45am      Tinies Ballet age 3+

10.45-11.30am       Preparatory & Primary Ballet & Tap

11.30-12.30pm       Sunday Showgroup age 6+

12.30-1.15pm        Grade 1 Ballet & Primary Tap  



4-4.45pm             Tinies Ballet age 3-5yrs

4-4.45pm             Primary Ballet & Tap age 5-8yrs

4-4.45pm             NEW STREET DANCE CLASS age 4 - 9yrs

4.45-5.30pm       Preparatory Ballet & Tap age 5+

5-5.45pm             Street dance age 9-12yrs  -  

5.45-6.30pm       Lyrical age 7-14yrs

5.30-6.30pm       Senior Showgroup



9.45-10.30am      Mini Movers age 18 months +

4.15-5pm              Glee Club age 3-6yrs

5-5.45pm             Disco age 6-10yrs

5.45-6.30pm       Disco age 3-7yrs



4.45-5.45pm        Junior Showgroup age 7-12yrs

5.45-6.30pm       Demi Pointe Class Beginners

6.30-7.15pm       Pointe and Preparation for pointe work (ballet students only)

7.15-8.15pm        Senior Showgroup

8.15-9.00pm      Advanced 1 Ballet 



5pm                      Drama class for children age 6-14yrs 

5.15-6.15pm        Showbabies age 3-7 yrs